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Are you suffering from Evil effects, unexplained phenomenon, Black Magic, Hauntings then read on!!!

Some bad effects of BLACK MAGIC, JINN and Evil Hauntings

  • You may have continous illness all treatments fail to help. (Jinn touch)

  • Suicidal tendencies although you are medically sound (Jinn possession full body)

  • Major behavioural change / Temper / Mood swings (Jinn effect on mind)

  • Business/ Marriage/ Family problems (Shaitaan running wild in home)

  • Bad luck in everything you do (Black spell bandish / blockade)

  • Jinn rakshat demon hauntings including ghost sighting (Begining effects of Black magic)

  • Unexplained heaviness, numbness, tension pain in body

  • Heavy constant headaches

  • Bad recurring dreams nightmares that haunt you

  • Having Baby problems trouble conceiving other than a medical condition.