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Please if you call from another country use Australian Country Code before calling my numbers.

PHONE NUMBERS TO CALL IF YOU NEED HELP ASAP: note there are charges applicable for treatment and consultation(check fees and charges section). My work is Guaranteed or money back, on any black magic and Jinn related cases. I have performed many exorcisms and i know my capabilities.   

MOB 1: 0424 802 782

MOB 2: 0466 459 738

Ask for an Aamil: Contact person Rasul  


ACCOUNT NUMBER: For money deposits- before any money deposits call me and talk to me address your problem or issues then i will advise what is best option, upon reviewing your case i will tell you the fees and charges, and then email you instructions and steps to follow.

Note: you must email me and call me: in the email address your name, last name and mothers name. and from area or country you are enquiring from. please allow 24 hours to process all your requests.